Monday, March 16, 2009

Being fat..(whether you like it or not)

Of course you love yourself.

Be it, fat or thin. Tall or short. Fair or dark. It is just you. If there is anyone in this world that you should love most, it should be yourself. At least, love yourself first before you love others.

You also look good. Again, be it fat, thin, tall, short, fair or dark. I'm sure there will be someone, somewhere who likes you just they way you do, of course besides yourself. I've so many thin people whom are attracted to fat people, vice versa. I've also met many people whom find really skinny people very attractive (remember Kate moss, she is being paid handsomely for being so skinny), and some fat people very popular and rich (the classic Oprah Winfrey, I couldn't remember the last time she is within the acceptable BMI range).

Initial Conclusion : Being fat is just fine.

You see, I totally agreeable with the conclusion. I really don't mind other people being fat, which includes my father, young sister, aunts and uncles, in laws, in laws relatives etc etc. In fact, fat people seems to have great attitude. They crack good jokes, they can laugh at themselves and some are so adoreable and cute too. (However, this does not include my wife..She shall not be fat.So jahat..:P)

But just cannot accept myself being fat. And for the hatred of being individually fat and overweight, I've made up my mind (this time seriously), that I will strive to acheive my ideal bodyweight.

And for that reason, I setup this blog. This blog will record my journey to becoming a physically fit person.

I know and realize that this will never become an easy feat. Knowing myself, I've been trying to do this countless times. And, as always, it has never became a really successful story anyways.

Wish me luck.