Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first fitness kickboxing experience...

I had a new experience.. Quite a thrilling one. I had my first fitness kickboxing experience, a complimentary introductory lesson, at Jak Kickboxing at Subang Jaya.

FYI, I went to check out the place yesterday and I immediately got hooked with it. But I wasn't prepared to join the introductory class when offered. Besides, I was a bit skeptical being the only beginner student (a 29 years old beginner some more..) in the group. Further, only a small group of trainees, consist of 4 persons were present yesterday.

But today was a different story.

Firstly, the other senior trainees and I were greeted with such a friendly gestures, by a cute and petite Chinese girl, who happens to be my instructor in the class. Mind you, don't be fooled with her cute, polite and friendly gestures, she really can kick butt!! Her name is Karen.

Secondly, the crowd was friendly. We made friends in such a multi-racial group, which I enjoyed very much. The best part was, I wasn't the only new guy around. I had the privilege of being accompanied by three other new trainees (2 boys and 1 girl, college students), equally clueless of whats going to happen next. BTW, don't be intimidated being a slightly older because I saw an uncle (at least in his 40-50s), which is also a trainee (phase 2) throwing punches like nobody's business. FYI, college kids form the majority of the crowd (even some instructors are college kids too), but there are also quite a number of working adults.

Our first lesson today is the right way to wear boxing handwrap. Then, we learnt how to execute three types of kicks...yeahh...front kick, crocs kick and the other kick (forgot laa, I'll tell you next time).

Let me tell you, for a beginner like me (fyi, i don't have any basic training in any combat martial art (you don't consider Silat Cekak combat, do you?), it was thrilling and tiring too. You won't be intensely drilled in your introductory class, but based on the routines that being practised by the senior trainees, I saw sweat dripping and showering. No wonder these people are fit.

In all, I kind of like the people, the place and the class. And even though I've yet to officially register as a member, I've a strong feeling that I will be joining them. I can't wait till the next class. In the mean time, let me recuperate. My back is starting to ache. Hehehe..


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