Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planning to get fit

These past few days I did lots of reading, especially on health and fitness. I want to find the most suitable form of exercise for me, taking into consideration my limited time, budget and other engagements.

In fact I did a survey on the current trends in town. So I found quite a number of activities, i.e., lifestyle gym + group x, martial arts, many kinds of sports, swimming etc. I also went to a few fitness centers, Fitness First, California Fitness and Trues Fitness- all different names but basically the same thing.

One of the most attractive activity is by getting a Fitness Center membership, which is quite cool and also interesting. In fact, I were once a Fitness First member few years back. But now I figured out, maybe I need something more exciting and a bit different. Something that can keep me wanting more. That's how I decided to join fitness kickboxing.