Monday, March 16, 2009

You are fat (Ellya)

You are fat.

Face the fact. You are obese (although not that obviously obese) but still you pack more fat than muscle.

Your can hardly wear your old clothes to work, even there are not so old (the shirt you bought last November can barely fit you). You only wear two pants to work, one black and the other one is grey. You will try your best to put on dark colored clothes, black, blue etc. Those bright colors shirts your wife bought are now hanging peacefully in your closet. You don't wear pink anymore, although you used to get praised by girls on how good you used to look in that shirt.

Your jeans is so tight, you cant sit on the floor properly. It squeezes your crotch and you cannot breath. Everyone will notice how you put your grim face while trying to catch breath. One of your favorite cargo pants button's just gone missing, without even you noticing. Your wrist got bigger too. Suddenly you cannot fit the watch you've been using for the past 5 years.

Everybody thinks you are fat. Ask your mak, ayah, papa, mama, all of your cousins, aunties/ uncle, colleagues, your ex-girlfriends and your wife. Ask your son when he's old enough. But don't ask your subordinate, they might think that its wise not tell the truth about you.

Ok la.

I'm fat.