Friday, March 20, 2009

From Kickboxing to Badminton

When Izat asked me whether i wanna play badminton yesterday, I said to myself..why not..despite the heavy workload i had yesterday..(in fact it continues till today..i just got home, for the record.)

However, I think it was the best decision I made yesterday - leaving my desk work hanging and played badminton..for 1 solid hours..yeah..don't be suprised..

It was also a great workout...according to this calorie calculator i got from a website , by playing casual racquetball games like badminton for an hour, a person weights 170 pounds (yupp me) will burn as much as 538 calories..that is as good as doing aerobic exercise at home for an hour...

to me, that is quite a good start..i think, i'll try to make it as a weekly activity..

Well On Track!!